Living H2O Initiative

Check out this excellent article about the Living H2O Initiative by TCPalm.

Three of America’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities are in Florida. The Sunshine State also boasts more than a dozen of the Top 100.

How can inner city neighborhoods be reclaimed by law-abiding citizens, making them once again safe for families to live in? Since most law-breakers are in their late teens and early twenties – and the average age of a prisoner in the U.S. is 22 years old – reaching America’s youth is a critical piece to solving the inner city puzzle.

Our Living H2O Initiative is designed to create opportunities to share the gospel – and God’s love – with young men through basketball. Risk Takers volunteers visit area basketball courts to compete with at-risk youth, offering them free bottles of cold water and sports-themed evangelistic tracts.

By engaging in spiritual conversations, Risk Takers volunteers are able to share their faith and recommend local churches to attend.