Welcome to Risk Takers for Christ, a sports ministry to at-risk youth and the community at-large.

Risk Takers for Christ's mission is to reach at-risk youth and the community at-large with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by engaging them in athletic competition and providing positive male role models.

Our goal is to reach at-risk youth with the Gospel before they get into trouble with the law.

***Thanks to our loyal participants, our generous sponsors - including NYLACARB, our Harry Vardon level sponsor - and our dedicated volunteers, for making our 6th annual Olde Hickory Golf Classic our biggest and best ever! Read more on our golf tournament page.***

What We Do... and Why

Based on our 35 years of prison ministry experience, we are convinced that a leading cause of criminal behavior is the lack of a positive male role model in the lives of young men. Broken homes and fatherless families create a void that is too often filled by gangs, drugs, and violence.

For these reasons, we operate the following "front line" outreaches:

  • Living H2O Initiative, a twice-weekly sports outreach to at-risk youth in our community
  • Periodic Sports Camps and Basketball Tournaments for at-risk youth throughout the year

Video Captions

Scene 1: Group Photo for Sports Camp 2022 with youth group and counselours

Scene 2: Counselour overlooking two children playing Field Hockey

Scene 3: Video Depicting previous still shot, Counseler guiding shots

Scene 4: Child setting up for a shot, left, Counselour helping child to set up, right

Scene 5: Video of young children playing with cones.

Scene 6: Young child playing Field Hockey, left, Face-off for game, right

Scene 7: Video of shot on goal, miss

Scene 8: Video of Shot on goal, saved

Scene 9: Clip of kids standing around with Hockey sticks in hand

Scene 10: Picture of boy moving towards group of kids with stick in hand

Scene 11: 1 on 1 faceoff between two children, left, Group of kids gathering, right

Scene 12: two young girls posing for photo, left, counselour leading Disc golf group, right

Scene 13: Video of young boy throwing frisbee

Scene 14: Video of another young boy throwing frisbee

Scene 15: Young girl helping another to throw frisbee

Scene 16: Small gathering of children around counselour, left, Infant walking, right

Scene 17: Kids taking turns throwing frisbee

Scene 18: Counselour Demonstrating how to throw Frisbee

Scene 19: Small Group gathered around Disc Golf hole for photo

Scene 20: Smiling boy, left, Two young boys, drinking sports drink, right

Scene 21: Seven kids gathered around table eating snacks

Scene 22: Picture of child running

Scene 23: Video of young girl running

Scene 24: Relay-race line

Scene 25: Counselour standing before a pitch is thrown

Scene 26: Video of boy at plate to bat

Scene 27: Picture of man holding infant pointing to camera

Scene 28: Video of three children standing near one another

Scene 29: Video of adolescent boy at plate to bat

Scene 30: Video of youth group eating snacks inside

Scene 31: Video of Counselour settling kids in for lesson

Scene 32: Kids raising hands, left, Counselour giving speech while kids listen, right

Scene 33: Counselour giving speech

Scene 34: Video of still shot from Group photo that started video

Scene 35: Kids bowing heads while pastor leads prayer

Scene 36: Group of kids and adult, heads bown in prayer

Scene 37: Young children praying, left, Boy kicking soccer ball, right

Scene 38: Children in line outside

Scene 39: Girl kicking soccer ball

Scene 40: Teen boy kicking soccer ball

Scene 41: Youth Group gathered with Counselours, left, boy kicking soccer ball, right

Scene 42: Boy kicked soccer ball

Scene 43: Panning shot of group playing soccer

Scene 44: group smiling for photo cooling down after playing outside

Scene 45: Counselour speaking to group, left, close up shot of same, right

Scene 46: Photo of infant sitting down with adult

Scene 47: infant in stroller, left. Adult watching as boy throws ball out of frame. right

Scene 48: Girl preparing to throw ball

Scene 49: Counselor and boy standing next to soccer goal

Scene 50: Group of kids throwing assortment of balls

Scene 51: Photo of kids gathered with Dart-looking balls

Scene 52: Three boys holding Dart-looking balls, left. Group of kids holding Dart-looking balls, with counselour, right

Scene 53: Adult female throws something out of frame as group looks at item thrown.

Scene 54: photo of young boy running in field

Scene 55: group of kids taking turns running with counselours overlooking

Scenes 56-65: Shot of kids running in field jumping over a hurdle placed in front of them

Scene 66: Teen boy running, left, two girls racing on foot, right

Scene 67: two boys racing on foot, left. young boy holding up a camp tee-shirt with the words "Risk Takers for Christ" on it

Scene 68: Group of young kids gathered with counselours around a table talking

Scene 69: Teen boy head bown in prayer (fade to black)

We also seek to encourage and equip believers to become spiritual "risk takers" through our weekday Dare 2B Daring devotional messages and our monthly ministry newsletter, Take a Risk! To subscribe for FREE to either or both publications, visit our Contact Page or email info@risktakersforchrist.org.

Our newest outreach is a church plant at Midway Estates, an RV and manufactured home community in Vero Beach. Midway Bible Fellowship meets weekly to proclaim God's Truth and demonstrate His love. Our slogan is "biblical teaching... traditional hymns... and casual dress."

Midway Bible Fellowship meets every Sunday morning at the Midway Estates clubhouse, 1950 S U.S. Highway 1 in Vero Beach. Free coffee and donuts are served at 9:30 AM and our Worship Service begins at 10:00 AM. Guests and visitors are always welcome!

Who We Are

RTC was founded in 2011 by Rev. Dale Glading, who has more than 30 years of prison ministry experience. Rev. Glading has also authored three books, is an accomplished speaker, and is a former two-time candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Rev. Larry “Chap” Lilly joined RTC in 2012 as vice president after a nearly 30-year career with the Delaware Department of Corrections.

Other RTC team members include Rebekah Bailey, Director of Communications; Chris Glading, Director of Programs & Publicity; Rev. Keith McCrea, Sr., Director of Inmate Correspondence; our seven-member Board of Trustees; our Advisory Council; and our hundreds of prayer partners, financial supporters, and mission trip participants.

Please review our Statement of Faith.

How You Can Join Us

We invite you to be a fellow Risk Taker for Christ by praying for our ministry; supporting us financially; inviting us to speak at your church; or participating in one of our Front Line Outreaches.

How You Can Reach Us

Risk Takers for Christ, Inc.

PO Box 651421
Vero Beach FL 32965-1421


Please review our Statement of Faith.