Pulpit Supply

Our Leadership Team is available to speak at your church upon request. Some of our most popular topics include:

Being a True Difference Maker: How to Impact Your Generation for God. Tired of living a “mediocre” life? This 12-part series, designed for Sunday School or small group study, will help you fulfill your God-given potential as a believer. You – and those around you – will never be the same! A paperback study guide is available.

Consumed by Christ: Maximizing Your Potential by Minimizing Yourself. Six concise lessons focusing on how to be better conformed to Christ’s image and likeness. Comes with a three-ring study binder and author’s notes.

Is There Not a Cause? Learn from the life of David the importance of living for a cause greater than yourself. Get ready to slay the giants in your life!

Here am I, Lord. Send me! Looking at Isaiah’s response to God’s calling and applying it to our own lives. God doesn’t want your ability; He wants your availability!

Give Me This Mountain! Being inspired by Caleb’s courage and his willingness to accept the greatest challenge of his life at the age of 85. It’s never too late to serve God!

I Cannot Come Down! Follow Nehemiah’s example of finishing the job God has given you despite trials, temptations and other obstacles. Quitting is not an option!

If I Perish, I Perish! Esther’s historic proclamation reveals the freedom and liberty of living for God and leaving the consequences to Him.

My Turn at Bat: Recognize the importance of living your life from an eternal perspective. Multiple sports analogies and personal anecdotes are used to drive home this important message.

Advanced Soul Saving: Learn how to rescue people who are spiritually drowning by applying standard lifeguard techniques…with a twist!

God Said Jump; I Asked How High? God wants not only our obedience but our instant and complete obedience. See how Noah, Abraham, Joseph, and others did just that!

No Looking Back: When Elijah anointed Elisha, he made sure that he wasn’t tempted to turn back. We should do the same when God calls us to serve Him.

Get Out of the Boat! Do you really want to serve God? Then get out of your comfort zone and get ready to walk on water!

Unconditional Surrender: There is no shame in surrendering to God! On the contrary, it is the first and most crucial step to spiritual growth and personal fulfillment.

Worthy of Double Honor: Pastors are God’s “under-shepherds” and should be treated with the utmost respect. Learn how to honor your pastor while helping to maximize his ministry…you will both be blessed!

The Fountain of Youth: Coming to Christ at an early age offers believers a lifetime of spiritual opportunities. Don’t let anyone look down upon your youth or inexperience because they can be spiritual assets in God’s service!