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Dare 2B Daring September 3, 2018

Monday, September 3, 2018

Written by Rev. Dale M. Glading, President

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“Go to Calvary again. Perhaps that very cross which gave thee life may give thee fruitfulness.” – Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Recently, I was watching my beloved New York Yankees on TV and the “Bronx Bombers” were trailing 7-0 going into the ninth inning. It didn’t look good for the Yanks, but I figured if they could just get a few men on base followed by a couple of clutch hits, maybe they could still pull it out.

Up to the plate stepped Austin Romine, the Yankees back-up catcher. He was in the lineup because Gary Sanchez, their starting catcher, was on the disabled list with a pulled hamstring.

Romine was batting about .250, which is below the Major League average. He also has limited power, with just nine HR’s on the season. And so, everyone watching the game expected Romine to take a pitch (or two) until he got a called strike. After all, the Yanks needed baserunners and a walk is as good as a hit in that situation.

Confounding the experts – and irritating me to no end – Romine swung at the very first pitch of the inning and popped up for an out. I shook my head, not at his inability to get a base hit, but at his ignorance of the basics. Every baseball player should know that you don’t swing at the first pitch when your team is trailing my seven runs in the last inning. But apparently, Romine didn’t know the fundamentals of the game, he simply forgot, or he chose to ignore them entirely.

The same goes for us as believers. Once we trust Christ as our Savior, we know that we should read our Bibles daily, attend church regularly, and pray “without ceasing”. However, all too often we get off course and start wandering aimlessly in the spiritual wilderness. When (not if) that happens, there is one foolproof way to get back on track. Simply put, we should return to Calvary, focusing on the cross and Christ’s sin payment there. In other words, get back to the basics.

When we do, the “Tree” that gave us eternal life is sure to make us fruitful once again.

//“Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works…”// Revelation 2:5a (NKJV)

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