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Dare 2B Daring - June 18, 2018

Monday, June 18, 2018

Written by Rev. Dale M. Glading, President

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A daily devotional published by Risk Takers for Christ, Inc.

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“He who is called to the ministry should go through with it. As long as lungs and life hold out, no preacher may cease his testimony. If God has called him he must not, yea, he cannot, leave his sacred work.” – C.H. Spurgeon

Several years ago, I was speaking with the pastor of a rather large church. He told me that whereas he didn’t know how long he would remain the senior pastor there, he was confident that he would always be a pastor.

“I can see myself pastoring a small church late in my life,” he said. “But I’ll never stop being a pastor.”

I admired – and still admire – this pastor and his commitment for two reasons. First, he was sure of his spiritual calling. He knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that God had called him to shepherd a flock of believers somewhere. Second, it didn’t matter to him the size of the congregation God was calling him to serve. He just wanted to be obedient.

When you have that kind of confidence in your calling, there is no stopping you. And when you couple that confidence in your calling with an even greater confidence in the One doing the calling, watch out. The sky is the limit!

My friend, if you know for sure what God has called you to do, keep doing it. If you don’t, ask Him today to reveal to you His perfect plan and purpose for your life.

There is nothing more fulfilling than being in the absolute center of God’s will for your life. Find it today… and stay there until He calls you elsewhere.

“For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” Romans 11:29 (NKJV)

- Rev. Dale M. Glading, President

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